Sakshi Choudhary
With an upbringing that never let gender bias get in the way, Sakshi’s perfect world shook when she set out on her own. She noticed how girls and women were being defined by their gender, and not their aspirations and abilities. A society deep rooted in patriarchy were holding women back from realizing their true potential.
Combining her background in advertising and a relentless desire to bring about a change, the idea of starting the Seesaw Project came to her over listening to ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin. She believes if we achieve the true gender balance in our country, we can achieve anything.
Twitter ID: @Sakaastic
Jnana Prasanna Kumar Sarvasiddi (JPAX)
When Sakshi reached out to Jpax with the idea, he instantly said yes. With a latent desire to contribute to the subject, and an extraordinary design ability, Jpax took the project from a brainwave to actual paper. Jpax feels design hasn’t been used enough to find solutions to social issues, and if every designer could contribute in a little way, it could really change our society.
At a very young age, Jpax was deeply affected by how the world treated all the women around him. Fighting a society by himself didn’t lead to much action. He felt dejected, yet resolved to figure out a solution. He believes it’s time we acknowledge women as equal human beings.
Twitter ID: @jpaxtweets
Burzin Mehta
Spending half his life creating communication for some of the world’s most iconic brands has led Burzin to conclude that there’s no such thing as ‘a man’s job’. And that a man savouring rosé wine  in a pink linen shirt is as much of a man as one who creates Olympic rings from the smoke of a Cuban cigar.
Raising a little daughter has taught him that nobody has the right to deny her an equal chance. Life has taught him that a woman can do everything a man can. (Often, better.) As a result of which, he’s realized that the world will be a much happier place if women are as much a part of its running as men.

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