“She was asking for it, that’s why she got raped.”
"Domestic abuse is a family matter."
"Don't cry like a girl."
"It's a woman's job to raise kids."
"She's ambitious and sexy, not the marriage-type."
“Oh c’mon, men can’t get raped.”
We live in a world where gender prescribes who we should be, not who we are. It’s no surprise that the term gender equality means different things to different people. And feminism is a very misunderstood word.
The Seesaw Project hopes to simplify the complex interpretations of this universal gender bias with a simple universal language - Art.
Using design, painting, photography, music and short films, the Seesaw Project aims to challenge limiting stereotypes and offer a refreshing perspective on the subject. And eventually spark a serious conversation regardless of gender, class or age. 

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